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Six kids find themselves together on a pathless journey ... Jason, Bob, Tracy, Dean, Michael and Brandon. Just six kids trying to become men and find their "name". Each day was "Run, Run, Run ... through the channels of the Sun and the Heaven and the Moon ... Run, Run, Run with the venom from the one that is curled up beside you". Never was there a time when things were easy and never was there a single thing that was handed to them. Sacrifice of love, family, children, friendships and health left scars on their body and souls to the point that some of them never made it back home. You could ask any one of them if this summary holds true for them and they would probably say ..."Yes, but what a beautiful run it was!"

This song, "Run", is their story. It is 8 minutes and 16 seconds of their truth and they give it to you for free. 

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